MyLog – log book just by a wave of a hand

MyLog is one of the easiest tools for recording trips. It was developed for car drivers who want to save time—instead of having to record all your trips manually. Wherever in the world you are, your trips are recorded and after connecting to the Internet they are evaluated. All you need is your Android smart phone or tablet with GPS.

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No need for pen...

Just an Android device

Latest technology (NFC)

Free to get

MyLog records your trips by GPS. It works offline.

You don't need to install any costly device into your car. Your smart phone or tablet with Android alone can do it.

MyLog is one of the first business apps that supports NFC in trip recording – you can have your trip log almost by a wave of hand.

MyLog Basic can serve as read only logger. It can be used free of charge. More functions and multicar support are available for purchase in the app.

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